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Fullstack Developer

Tawanda Munongo

I'm a fullstack developer focused on building digital experiences that harness the power of cutting-edge web and cloud technologies. My primary areas of focus are cross-platform mobile development with React Native, and web development with TypeScript, Java, and PHP.

When I'm not building, I write - mostly about tech, but occassionally fiction, too.

This blog is my attempt at giving back to a community that has given me so much.


Chesco Tech LTD

Role: Software Developer

Period: 2023-03 - 2023-11

Summary of Duties:

- During my time as a Software Developer, I have demonstrated my leadership and technical abilities by driving key initiatives -
  Orchestrated the successful implementation of advanced features within in-house products, notably a comprehensive Point of Sale system and a state-of-the-art HR management system. These enhancements significantly improved overall efficiency and user experience.

- Pioneered the final development phase and conducted rigorous testing for a critical Web App and React Native mobile application, surpassing quality benchmarks and ensuring exceptional client satisfaction for our largest client.

- Managed the end-to-end submission process for mobile applications on prominent platforms, Google Play and Apple Store, guaranteeing strict adherence to all standards and guidelines.

- These accomplishments underscore my dedication to delivering impactful solutions and ensuring exceptional quality in every project.


Webbe Dev

Role: Fullstack Developer

Period: 2022-08 - 2023-03

Summary of Duties:

- In my role as the lead developer and project manager, I've held dual responsibilities - As the lead developer, I've spearheaded the design and implementation of both front-end and back-end components for a range of web and mobile applications. I've proficiently employed diverse programming languages and frameworks, including React, Node.js, and PHP, to deliver innovative solutions. My focus has consistently been on optimizing performance and functionality, leveraging an array of tools and technologies.

- In my capacity as the project manager, I've meticulously overseen the entire development lifecycle for our web and mobile projects. This encompassed defining project timelines, orchestrating the collaborative efforts of development partners and contributors, and engaging in comprehensive stakeholder communication. My primary objective has always been to ensure our solutions align seamlessly with stakeholder needs and expectations, fostering project success.


Zapiet Ltd

Role: Fullstack Developer

Period: 2023-11 - Present

Summary of Duties:

- Currently working on Zapiet Eats

- Stack: Laravel, React (Shopify Polaris)


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